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Are you looking to publish? Wondering how to find an editor?

Waiting Dog Press is an editing service that offers a multitude of self publishing and editorial services. We provide book editing and formatting services that can get your book published on Createspace and KDP, or be your general copy editor for everything from college papers to club newsletters and everything in between. 

Have you wondered, are there any book editors near me? We are an Indie Publisher located in Ontario, Oregon and with Internet access we are as close as your keyboard.

Waiting Dog Press

Ontario, OR 97914, us

(541) 610-3162

About Us

Copy Editor - Freelance Editor

We have over ten years of experience in editing of all types. We can help you with taking your manuscript from good to great! 

Have your writing stand out from the crowd

We can clean up your manuscript to make it be exactly what you intended it to be. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, gone! Logic breaks, marked for correction. Properly formatted for easy reading and easy publication, done! We will make sure your voice is not lost in the editing process.

Fast Friendly Service

We are certain you will be happy with our work. We guarantee it!